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We praise you our dear alma matter
Praise to you our high school home
To you we give our thanks today
And the love we share each day
We praise you to our teachers' best
And the mem'ries we have shared

Las Piñas North National High
Our very dearest alma matter

To you we give our loyalty
And the knowledge we have learned
We're proud to be a part of you


Department of Education

DepEd Government

DepEd Las Piñas Science High School

Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority

DFCAIT a free 2 years course college offer to all graduated in Las Piñas City

Dr. Filemon C. Aguialr Information Technology Training Institute


2009 - 2010 Graduates of Las Piñas North Natoinal High School













Message to all graduates of batch 2009 - 2010

     After four long years of hardship, of burning the midnight oil, examinations, themes, experiments, term papers and reports, comes the day you have been longing for--Graduation Day. It marks the end of high school and you go to it with mixed feelings---relief, sadness, happiness, anticipation, hope....

     For it's not really not the end but the beginning of a new world for graduates. As our hero Dr. Jose Rizal had said, "Go forth and then the sacred fire of thy genius to the laurel may aspire to spread around the fame and in victory acclaim through wider spheres the human name." Dr. Rizal believed that knowledge brought power and that progress was possible only through enlightenment. He himself set the example by pursuing his studies with deligence, making use of every opportunity to absorb all the knowledge he deemed useful to him and his fellowmen. As you pass out of your hign school you will become different men and women, the equal of elders in taking the responsibilities of life. With youth and freshness you can fashion your future according to your heart's desire. The degree of your success will depend much on yourselves--your vision, courage and faith, and will to do and dare. Youth has a challenge. You have the task to shape new men and women out of yourselves. Graduation day has greater significance than the triumph over difficulties---it gives a new born awareness of the magnitude of the work before you. You have learned many lessons from the trials of the past. Let these guide you now in the intellectual pilgrimage that lies ahead.

     Strengthen yourselves with virtues that will enable you to achieve your goals. Try to cultivate patience, industry, devotion to duty, honesty, faith and hope--with such weapons you cannot fail. As you march forward into a new and uncertain world, carry with you the teachings and knowledge you have acquired fron your Alma Mater. In the furtherance of your education and the pursuit of your choosen careers, always have self-determination for the path is not rosy but thorny, and only those who are brave, determined, and godly survive and succeed.

     Who is calling the signals of your life? Do you realize that your mind is the only thing in this world that you can totally control? Master it. Don't submit your mind, which is God-given and fantastic in its possibilities, to any human being. Don't let doubts, criticisms, failures make you afraid. Persist every day, and you will achieve.

      In the Bible we read "Keep on asking and the gift will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will open to you." That's it. If you keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking, you will surely reach your goal.